AC/DC & Fans Upgrade/Replacement

About AC/DC & Fans Upgrade/Replacement

Proactively replacing full banks of capacitors is the best way of ensuring that they don’t age to a point of probable failure. UPS systems use capacitor banks made up of both DC electrolytic and AC polymeric film capacitors that can degrade under field operating conditions. Replace your capacitors before it’s too late. Capacitors are not static electrical components that operate in a circuit. Over time, their ability to withstand voltage and pressure changes deteriorates, which can ultimately lead to downtime. The expected service life rating of capacitors can only be considered a general guideline. Many varying factors are crucial to your capacitor’s lifespan. Replacing capacitors before they fail or show significant signs of aging is a reliable approach to achieving long service life without encountering unplanned downtime. We provide the proactive means to replace your full bank of capacitors based on your equipment’s age.