About Us

IT POWER ELECTRONICS is a provider of power quality solutions designed to increase the availability and uptime of any mission-critical application or process, from a simple desktop PC to a large Data Center. IT Power Electronics’ products have been the choice of the nation’s largest and most demanding companies and organizations. Always ready to satisfy new needs, IT Power Electronics is one of today’s leading power-protection service provider.


We’ve gained the trust of some of the most data-dependent, high profile names in many industries. Through our extreme technical abilities and hard-earned reputation, we have kept that trust because of the genuine commitment to our valuable customers. It’s critical to us that we honor and exceed our agreements with our clients.

Why do business as usual, when you can go do business better? Companies are making the switch to IT Power Electronics for service contract for their critical power equipment. Our customers put faith in us delivering superior products and excellent service.


IT Power Electronics focuses on providing comprehensive maintenance services on critical power equipment and creative and sensible solutions to critical power problems. Being an independent service provider enables IT Power Electronics to provide systems specifically designed for each tailored application.

Benefits of Choosing Battery Systems


Peace of mind

Mind—It comes from knowing that our power solution plan takes care of the things your organization cares about most.



You will be in business when the competition is not because our disaster avoidance plan will reduce the impact of unknown vulnerabilities and potential problems.


A Smart Investment

Our recommendations will help you to spend less time on your infrastructure support system and more time supporting your core business.



Your system will be supported when you are not there. We supply the best service management for all aspects of your infrastructure.

Our Proven Value & Expertise

As a leader in factory maintenance and MRO for over 30 years, we have the standards, expertise and track record in providing the highest level of safety and service to our customers across multiple industries.


Skilled Workforce


We provide a ‘workforce of the future’ that is technically trained with the skills and cultural commitments to provide exceptional service.


UPS Systems most common point of failure is bad batteries.  We supply batteries from only highly-recognized premium battery manufacturers.  We also have replacement parts available for many units.


We can also offer manufacturer direct modular replacements for APC UPS’.


Travel and labor expenses are included in most service contracts. Please see the statement of work for the service specifics.


Optimizing performance of factory equipment is valuable.


Our comprehensive maintenance service package solutions comprised of foundational components that provide integrated value and measurable improvements to your operation efficiently. Our solution is designed to ensure our customers attain optimal productivity through decreased downtime and greater efficiency, resulting in higher profitability.


Web Dedicated 24×7 Customer Service Support with Toll-Free Telephone Number

Engineering and Design

We deliver a complete turnkey power back-up and redundancy plan that encompasses a host of innovative power solutions. Designed by Certified Power Quality Specialists, our plan addresses an organization’s critical power needs for greater reliability, cost efficiencies, safety and risk extenuation.


System Design — A proper design is critical to the pre-installation process. With so many options available, numerous questions need to be answered such as power quality, room layouts, space, floor loading, and room environment. Our experience guides you through the design so that all facility infrastructure issues are thoroughly addressed prior to product procurement and installation.


Data Center Services —IT Power Electronics delivers a complete Data Center infrastructure solution-either in the initial build out or the upgrade/remodel of the key functional area. We bring to a project the ability to deliver a total data center room where you simply add your computer and networking gear into a fully protected environment.

Field Service Engineers strategically positioned ensures the managing and monitoring of multiple systems in multiple locations. Prior to corresponding a national service contract, the business development team identifies target service locations to secure standard deliverables.