Our Services

Preventive Maintenance

IT Power Electronics will perform routine maintenance to ensure your UPS equipment stays reliable.

Battery Replacement & Maintenance

Avoid unexpected downtime, it is essential to know the condition of your batteries by being proactive with the standard routine preventive maintenance.

Emergency Services

IT Power Electronics works around the clock to get you back up and running quickly when a failure occurs.

AC/DC & Fans Upgrade/Replacement

Proactively replacing full banks of capacitors is the best way of ensuring that they don’t age to a point of probable failure.


If you are looking for an expert who can install and start-up your UPS System, we at IT Power Electronics are capable of doing the task according to manufacturer’s standards.


When your UPS Systems needs to be changed or upgraded, IT Power Electronics can handle the work regardless of location, UPS type and size.


Proper disposal of batteries and UPS systems is not only good for our environment, but it is the law!

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UPS Systems

UPS Batteries

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Why Choose IT Power Electronics


Peace of mind

Mind—It comes from knowing that our power solution plan takes care of the things your organization cares about most.



You will be in business when the competition is not because our disaster avoidance plan will reduce the impact of unknown vulnerabilities and potential problems.


A Smart Investment

Our recommendations will help you to spend less time on your infrastructure support system and more time supporting your core business.



Your system will be supported when you are not there. We supply the best service management for all aspects of your infrastructure.

Who We Are

IT Power Electronics is a provider of power quality solutions designed to increase the availability and uptime of any mission-critical application or process, from a simple desktop PC to a large Data Center. Our products have been the choice of the nation’s largest and most demanding companies and organizations. Always ready to satisfy new needs, IT Power Electronics is one of today’s leading power-protection service provider.